“KOMCHA” a dummy book by Dominika Sadowska

The little man constantly creates new setups of objects around him. Constantly staying with him also allows to observe the existing structures more closely, and the intervals of time spent in the given places are extended. The images are notes of states of reality, which I have access to through constant contact with the young being. Repeatability, optionality, and temporariness have been translated into the way images are edited. The photographs were taken between March and July, during the time we spent out of the city, and of the studio.

Author: Dominika Sadowska
Place of publication: Łódź
Date of publication: 2020
Author of photographs: Dominika Sadowska
Author of the text: Dominika Sadowska
Language: Polish, English
A project of cover: Karol Stolarek
Publisher: self-publishing
Number of pages: 64
Format: 29,7 cm x 42 cm  / format of a dummy book on photos: 21 cm x 29,7
Binding: softcover
Printing technique: